Youth Sports

Capture and preserve your child's cherished sports moments. The early years of the champions of tomorrow can be relived over and over again.

SEVideo can shoot for one youth athlete or a whole team. Team packages where everyone receives a game DVD are as low as $10 per player... and with a team package the coach receives a complimentary DVD. Optional web viewing lets family anywhere in the world watch your child's game.


  • I couldn't be happier with the finished DVD. It was impressive to see how SEVideo was able to put together a seamless presentation from so many clips. The special effects they added really helped emphasize certain sequences and the music matched perfectly. I highly recommend them. — Freeman Fessler, parent
  • Zac's highlight tape meant everything. He would not have gotten on the team without it. — Nancy Chambers, parent
  • The video was outstanding. I would say it was the best highlight film in terms of quality we saw during the recruiting process. Ryan McCarthy, Asst. Football Coach, Univ. of Albany
  • Believe me, any time a tape has that type of clarity and organization it saves us valuable time. — Ryan McCarthy, Asst. Football Coach, Univ. of Albany